Site Reliability Engineer

Remote, USA

It's bedtime. Candle light bounces off the walls. A cup of half-finished tea cools on the nightstand. The radiator hisses with fire outside your room, the waves of dense, hot air slipping through the crack underneath the door. You let the warmth overcome you, slipping into darkness.

You're jolted awake. Your phone explodes with incoming messages and panic: Discord is down. You hop out of bed to run to your computer but trip the moment your feet touch the ground and realize with panic that the bottom half of your body is that of a shark's. You wake up again-for real this time. The sun is shining, birds are chirping. Because you work at Discord now. And Discord never goes down anymore now that you help make it reliable.

What you'll be doing

  • Building and running a distributed, worldwide, real-time system that processes millions of events per second
  • Writing software in a modern tech stack built on Google's Cloud with Elixir/Erlang, Python, Rust, Go, ScyllaDB/Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, and a hint of C++ where appropriate
  • Implementing high-leverage improvements to the reliability, fault tolerance, scalability, and performance of Discord's infrastructure
  • Driving forward best practices with your background in Site Reliability Engineering

What you should have

  • 2+ years experience working with scalable infrastructures
  • Experience designing extensible, reliable real-time systems
  • Ability to dive in and debug live production systems
  • Self-motivation and curiosity, a passion for your craft
  • Excitement about working on a distributed system with millions of concurrent users and writing and deploying code to it without any downtime

Bonus Points

  • Experience with:
  • The Erlang/BEAM VM
  • ScyllaDB, Apache Cassandra, or Elasticsearch,
  • Automation tools like SaltStack
  • Clouds like Google Cloud Platform/AWS/Azure
  • Orchestration and containerization technology
  • Delivering audio/video at scale
  • You appreciate some good hygge before bedtime
  • New York City only Minimum salary of $189,800/year + equity and benefits
  • Note: Disclosure as required by NYC Pay Transparency Law.
  • Colorado only. Minimum salary of $170,820/year + equity and benefits.
  • Note: Disclosure as required by sb19-085(8-5-20)

Benefits and Perks

  • Comprehensive medical insurance including Health, Dental and Vision (plus up to $20,000 for gender affirmation procedures)
  • Mental health resources and quarterly wellness stipends
  • 16+ paid holidays, 4 weeks of PTO + use-what-you-need sick days
  • Paid parental leave (plus fertility, adoption and other family planning benefits)
  • Generous stipends for headphones, your remote work setup, and lunch on a daily basis (while we're all remote)
  • Flexible long-term work options (remote and hybrid)
  • Volunteer time off
  • A diverse slate of Employee Resource Groups
  • Plus commuter contributions and other perks for office-based employees

About Us

Discord is a voice, video and text app that helps friends and communities come together to hang out and explore their interests - from artists and activists, to study groups, sneakerheads, plant parents, and more. With 150 million monthly users across 19 million active communities, called servers, Discord has grown to become one of the most popular communications services in the world. Discord was built without selling ads or user data and instead, offers a premium subscription called Nitro that gives users special perks like higher quality streams and fun customizations.

We're working toward an inclusive world where no one feels like an outsider, where genuine human connection is a click, text chat, or voice call away. A place where everyone can find belonging. Challenging? Heck yes. Rewarding? Double heck yes. It's a mission that gives us the chance to positively impact millions of people all over the world. So if this strikes a chord with you, come build belonging with us!


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