Senior Software Engineer

Remote, anywhere
$154k - $234k

dbt Labs was founded in 2016 to empower analysts to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the leading brands in the analytics industry. Our product, dbt, is used by thousands of companies. dbt Labs is a remote-first, values-driven company with a globally distributed team. You can learn more about our values here.

About the Git Integrations Team:

Git Integrations are the most critical component of dbt Cloud experience as it enables data teams to use dbt seamlessly. As a full stack engineer on dbt’s Git Integrations team, you will help build a differentiated CI experience in dbt Cloud. You will create the necessary tools to build, maintain, monitor, and manage the health of our git integrations. You will help develop a green field product experience using new services from scratch that power a unique user experience in the cloud. You’ll experience building systems that can withstand the scale of dbt Cloud users.

In this role, you can expect to:

  • You will partner closely with senior and staff engineers on the team to build a new product experience.
  • You will be working on highly available, highly reliable, and highly-secure components of some of the most-used product surface areas of dbt Cloud: customer-facing CI product and git integrations.
  • You will be exercising your breadth of skillset to influence the design of systems that rely heavily on third-party services.
  • You will work primarily in Typescript and React with some Golang, Postgres, Django, and Kubernetes.


  • Have 5+ years experience as a software engineer
  • Minimum requirement of Bachelors degree in related field (computer science, computer engineering, etc.) OR
  • Completed enrollment in engineering related bootcamp

You are a good fit if you:

  • Are strong in frontend skills: specifically how we can use internal UI libraries to build Frontend components, contribute to internal UI libraries and able to identify potential risks with designs.
  • Are looking to continue working in front-end and gain expertise.
  • Are adaptable. We expect all our engineers to work across the entire stack, touching everything from the front-end to our core infrastructure.
  • Are a self-starter and can lead a group of engineers from inception to implementation of ideas.
  • Have the experience of making tradeoffs to ship useful features today without sacrificing long-term quality.
  • Have the experience of interacting with end-users and deeply understanding their needs.
  • Have proficiency in at least one front-end programming language and framework.

You'll have an edge if:

  • Have worked extensively in Typescript and React.
  • Have touched all parts of the stack: API, database, and infrastructure.
  • Have built complex UIs and understand the intricacies of frontend development.
  • Have experience working on a remote team.
  • Are excited to contribute to backend distributed applications.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary: $154,000-$234,000
  • Equity Stake*
  • Benefits: In the US, dbt Labs offers unlimited vacation (and yes we use it!), 401k w/3% guaranteed contribution, excellent healthcare, paid parental leave and a home office stipend. For employees outside the United States, dbt Labs offers a competitive benefits package.

*Equity or comparable benefits may be offered depending on the legal limitations

What to expect in the hiring process (all video interviews via Zoom unless accommodations are needed):
  • Interview with a Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Technical Interview with Hiring Manager
  • Four Team Interviews (1:1s) that cover the following:
  • Architecture: share a professional project and your understanding of the architecture
  • Systems Design (algorithms): technical exercise (use a whiteboarding tool, if you’d like)
  • Values: discussion of our mission/vision within engineering s
  • Cross-Functional Interview: understand your experience in partnering with a team member (quality or product)
  • Final interview with one of our Values Carriers

Who we are

At dbt Labs, we have developed strong opinions on how companies should practice analytics.

Specifically, we believe that:

  • Code, not graphical user interfaces, is the best abstraction to express complex analytic logic
  • Data analysts should adopt similar practices and tools to software developers
  • Critical analytics infrastructure should be controlled by its users as open source software
  • Analytic code itself — not just analytics tools — will increasingly be open source

It turns out that a lot of other people believe this too! Today, there are 9,000 companies using dbt every week, 30,000 practitioners in the dbt Community Slack, and 1,800 companies paying for dbt Cloud. Our customers include JetBlue, Hubspot, Vodafone New Zealand, and Dunelm. dbt is synonymous with the practice of analytics engineering, defining an entire industry. We’re backed by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Altimeter. We recently raised our series D: read the announcement here!

dbt Labs is an equal opportunity employer. We're committed to building an inclusive team that welcomes a diversity of perspectives, people, and backgrounds regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, citizenship, veteran status, or any other protected status. We feel strongly that whether or not your experience exactly fits the job description, your passion and skills will stand out and set you apart even if your career has taken some twists and turns.  If you are on the fence about whether you meet our requirements, we encourage you to apply anyway! Please reach out to us directly at if you need assistance or accommodation due to disability.

Want to learn more about our focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at dbt Labs? Check out our DEI page here.

dbt Labs reserves the right to amend or withdraw the posting at any time.

dbt Labs

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