DevOps Engineer

Remote, anywhere

To support our growing customer base and engineering team we’re looking for a DevOps engineer. Our engineering team will be your ‘customers’ and the people you will strive to make happy by providing a best-in-class developer experience.

At TheyDo, we are pioneering the Journey Management space and helping companies use customer insights to turn these into better customer experiences. This will be massive, and on our mission we are backed by top-tier investors and angels, having raised €14M so far.

We aim to have a scalable and performant infrastructure and eventually start to migrate to microservice architecture this year. We want to push code to production within 15 minutes, with confidence, and multiple times per day. We seek high observability throughout our stack to detect and remediate issues before they happen. You will work closely together with the CTO and engineering leadership to achieve these ambitions.

The infrastructure and stack at TheyDo currently consist of:

  • AWS (VPC, RDS, S3, ElasticSearch, ElastiCache, Elastic Beanstalk)
  • Serverless Framework and CloudFormation for infrastructure-as-code
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • GitHub Actions
  • New Relic
  • Sentry
  • Typed NodeJS backend
  • Modular monolith with a foundation for an event-driven architecture
  • GraphQL
  • Websockets

What will you do

Your primary mission at TheyDo will be to ensure a frictionless developer experience for our team by setting up best-in-class infrastructure and tooling. You will be an individual contributor but stay closely aligned with our engineers to make sure their work is streamlined and effective.

You’ll be maintaining and expanding a B2B SaaS platform that is used by customers worldwide, only in the last quarter product usage has increased by more than 100%. Your SRE responsibilities include making sure we are fast to respond to incidents or prevent them through observability; setting up a secure cloud environment; configuring backup and rollback scenarios; and working on metrics like latency, traffic, error rate, and saturation.

You’ll be at the foundation of our technical roadmap as we expect to have traffic to TheyDo increase multiple times over and start implementing more complex technologies such as sharding and multi-region setups.

Areas you will be making an impact in the short-term:

  • Maintaining our infrastructure-as-code and move to Terraform.
  • Migrating our servers to ECS/Fargate or K8s.
  • Setting up pre-production and feature environments.
  • Minimizing the time from commit to production.
  • Improve observability through monitoring, logging and alerting.
  • Give workshops to fellow engineers on our infrastructure.

We’re looking for

You like to get things right, a pragmatic perfectionist who will continuously shape our infrastructure and make it ready to scale. You understand the right balance between code readability, simplicity, development speed, performance, and maintainability.

Desired skills and experience include:

  • Experienced in setting up modern CI/CD processes.
  • Solid experience with AWS, VPC, IaC, Dockerization/containerization, ECS/K8s, Postgres.
  • Someone who likes optimizing and automating processes.
  • An asynchronous worker who organizes and documents their work.
  • Someone who wants to be at the foundation of a fast-growing team.
  • Skills as a hybrid engineer and comfortable with JavaScript is not required but convenient.
  • Preferably has previously experienced exponential growth at a remote startup.

What we offer

  • Salary €75K-100K.
  • Remote position, for 4-5 days per week, across flexible working hours.
  • Collaborate with zealous colleagues having 20+ years of experience working in the field.
  • A unique opportunity to shape a product and our growing team.
  • Regular off-sites/company outings with the TheyDo team.
  • Competitive compensation and equity package.
  • As many vacation days as you need, we expect you to take at least 25.
  • Professional development reimbursement.
  • Mental health and wellness reimbursement.
  • Paid parental leave.
  • Home office & technology reimbursement.

To summarize, we value work-life harmony backed by personal freedom under responsibility. Sounds like fun? We’re looking forward to having you join our team.

About TheyDo

TheyDo is the first B2B SaaS platform that allows organizations to redefine cross-team collaboration around the customer journey. Our attractive and intuitive interface radically improves the experience of managing journeys. With TheyDo, teams can integrate customer insights around the journey, surface the right opportunities for CX improvement, and quickly align around the customer-centric decisions that bring the most value to both customer and business.

Founded in 2019, TheyDo’s three co-founders transformed it from a consultancy company to a user-friendly software platform for customer journey management. We’ve grown exponentially since then, having raised $14M+ from top investors to continue expanding our team alongside the platform’s functionalities and integrations. Our passionate, remote-working team from 🇳🇱🇩🇪🇪🇸🇩🇰🇷🇴🇺🇦 is set to triple by the end of 2023.

We see a future where journey-centric working is the norm for every company and they can easily scale service design across teams, products, and geographies. TheyDo is already trusted by Enterprise organizations worldwide and we’re on a mission to help every organization scale Journey Management.

Get to know our co-founders, engineers, marketing and customer enablement team members — a growing group of dedicated individuals with a customer-centric mindset, read more on our About Us page. Or for more information about TheyDo, check out our website and app!

Our culture

As a remote company spread throughout Europe, our company culture and the way we work together are our top priorities. Our virtual office space is where you’ll see most colleagues on the day-to-day, but we cherish quality, in-person bonding time and meet up for quarterly onsite working events to further deepen our connectivity. We strive for inclusivity and diversity within our teams and are generally just a bunch of caring, open-minded people who respect each other and the work we each bring to the table.

Our core values – confidence, ingenuity, collaboration, and transparency – are the driving force behind every decision we make. We put our confidence in the power of connecting the dots around the customer journey. You’ll see our ingenuity in the ways that we’re constantly pushing the limits and challenging ourselves to innovate. We believe that collaboration across teams is what fuels customer-built growth and we use transparency to foster a culture of empowerment and accountability.

Bottom line, we’re fuelling a journey-centric revolution, and we want to work with people who get as much energy from Journey Management as we do. Does this resonate with you? Give us a shout.


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