DevOps Engineer

Remote, anywhere

Who We Are

Sporty Group is a consumer internet and technology business with an unrivalled sports media, gaming, social, and fintech platform which serves millions of daily active users across the globe via technology and operations hubs across more than 10 countries and 3 continents.

The recipe for our success is to discover intelligent and energetic people, who are passionate about our products and serving our users, and attract and retain them with a dynamic and flexible work life which empowers them to create value and rewards them generously based upon their contribution.

We have already built a capable and proven team of 300+ high achievers from a diverse set of backgrounds  and we are looking for more talented individuals to drive further growth and contribute to the innovation, creativity and hard work that currently serves our users further via their grit and innovation.

Our Stack

Languages: Java / Spring Boot, TypeScript / VueJS

Cloud Libraries: Netflix Eureka, Netflix Ribbon, Feign, Netflix Zuul

Database: MySQL, Oracle, Mybatis, Druid

Cache: Redisson, ElastiCache, Redis

MQ:  Apache RocketMQ

Tasking:  Elastic Job

Server: Netty

LoadBalance & Proxy: Nginx

Virtualization: Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher

Computing & Storage: AWS EC2, VPC, AWS Lambda, EBS, S3

Maintenance: AWS Opsworks, Salt, Chef

CI/CD: Drone, AWS Codepipeline, Jenkins

Monitoring: Grafana, Prometheus, AWS Cloudwatch

Logging: ELK, Rsyslog, Log4j2

CDN: Cloudflare


Work with a team of DevOps and DBA professionals

Improve existing infrastructure and processes in the 6 countries we’re currently deployed in as well as streamlining processes deploy to new countries in the future

Holistically improve all aspects of our DevOps infrastructure including: reducing costs; streamlining environment provisioning; lowering response times and incorporating the latest techniques and technologies

Sporty Group

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