DevOps Engineer

Remote, India

Appsmith is an open-source, low code software that helps developers build applications quickly, usually within only hours.

Since being introduced less than two years ago, Appsmith’s open source software has more than 10 million downloads, more than 20,000 stars (up 12x since 2021) on Github and is used at over 10,000 organizations across 150 countries.

We are a global and fully remote organization, excited to welcome new teammates to our collaborative environment and high-performance culture.

See our GitHub repo here:

We’ve raised $51.5 mn in funding.

Company Vision

We believe every organization should have the ability to develop high performing internal applications quickly and cost-effectively. Every enterprise needs to create custom internal applications, spending between 10% to 40% of their engineering resources on them. Yet they often take a backseat to customer-facing applications because they are challenging, expensive and slow to build. Appsmith is already enabling software engineers to transform how they build internal apps, often building them 10 times faster with Appsmith. In the future we’re building, custom software developed for internal users will look and work no differently than the best out-of-the-box SAAS products. Internal users will demand great UX, great customer support, and great reliability from their in-house development teams because Appsmith has made it quick and painless for developers to build, deploy and maintain custom software.

What do we value?

Above all, we value a growth mindset. As a team of learners, we read, talk to people and listen to feedback constantly. We love working with people who have strong opinions, weakly held.

Self starters and ambitious people form the backbone of our team. Do you want to work on bigger projects? Are you comfortable setting large goals and then accomplishing them?

We value consistency and reliability. For example, sticking to committed deadlines, showing up on time etc. We believe that predictability makes teams run a lot smoother.

It’s the little things that matter. Attention to detail shows that we empathize with our users, our colleagues and anyone else that we interact with.

Are you a practical optimist? Our founding team strongly believes in a better future. We believe in playing our part to make that future a reality.

What will you be doing?

Users largely self-host Appsmith in their own environments. This presents a unique opportunity for you to be exposed to a multitude of installation targets (AWS, GCP, Azure etc) and operating systems (Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Archlinux etc).

You will single-handedly be responsible for improving the experience of users deploying and maintaining Appsmith on their own infrastructure. Hence, you should be able to work independently and confidently with our users.

Must Have Skills

  • 6+ years of working experience with a good understanding of DevOps concepts and best practices
  • Have coding experience in any one of the languages Java, Javascript, Python and obviously Bash.
  • Worked on production deployments using Docker, Kubernetes. Knowing the nitty-gritty of each of these technologies will hold you in good stead when designing & debugging the deployment experience with our users.
  • Worked on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure etc and managed microservices architecture.
  • Infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform, Pulumi, Chef etc ensure reliable deployments and upgrades. You should have worked with at least one of these tools in production.
  • Reliability and stability of our deployments is of key importance. You should have worked with observability and monitoring tools, especially in a microservices deployment.
  • CI/CD workflows form the backbone of any software development team. You should have experience writing and maintaining CI/CD workflows using tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, Github Actions.

Nice to Have Skills

  • A startup environment is one of “controlled chaos”. Prior experience of working in a startup will help you take better decisions and navigate your daily tasks.
  • Data is the new oil. Managing database systems such as MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB is a bonus.
  • Open-source contributions to any project is a bonus.
  • Remote working: Appsmith is a fully distributed and remote team.

What is the recruitment process?

As a small team, it’s imperative that all of us get to know each other before taking the leap. We want to ensure you succeed in your role within our team. Each conversation (video conference) with us will last about 60 mins. Typically the whole process takes between 2 - 10 business days depending on your and our schedules.

Introductory call: A phone call with one of the founders that give us a chance to introduce our company & product to you as well as get to know you. If you find our product vision interesting & exciting for you to work on, we will move to the next steps.

Technical conversation I: This is a video call that allows for a deeper technical conversation. Expect some problem solving and pair programming to take place.

Technical conversation II: Another round of video interview that is a technical deep-dive with a founder/senior engineer on the team that will focus heavily on your technical chops. Expect some more problem solving and pair programming.

Culture fit conversation: Conversations with the founders and quick meetings with our team members to ensure that there is a culture-fit.

Extending an offer: If all goes well, we will extend an offer which includes financial benefits, equity stock grants and any other benefits.


Budget to setup your home office
Self-education budget for books, courses, and conferences
Flexible holiday schedule


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