DevOps Engineer

$70k - $120k

Do you want to build the foundations of a better web alongside a passionate, high-impact team? 3Box Labs is building the data rails for Web3, Ceramic Network. Already used by 1500 of the world's most ambitious applications, Ceramic is the building block for composable data.

You'll tackle some of the most novel challenges in decentralized tech, work closely with our rapidly growing open source community and many of the best technologists in the world, and help reinvent how data is managed online.

The Role

Lead development and deployment of our tooling, instrumentation, metrics, monitoring, and strong DevOps practices across the team, creating the foundation for confident and rapid development of our core protocol and network.

You will get to...

  • Build tooling that enables the team to debug problems in our infrastructure deployments
  • Work with Protocol Engineers to create insight into upcoming bottlenecks in our infrastructure and the network
  • Ensure our alerting system gives us the right information at the right time without being a distraction
  • Contribute to the observability of our decentralized network and hosted infrastructure
  • Create guides and open source tools that makes it easier for external teams to run Ceramic nodes
  • Contribute to leveling up our DevOps practices
  • Scale our Ceramic node infrastructure
  • Contribute to security best practices of our DevOps team

You're likely a great candidate if you have...

  • 4+ years of professional experience as a software developer / DevOps engineer or equivalent
  • Shipped large scale infrastructure used in production applications
  • Comfortable building infrastructure components from (almost) scratch
  • Experience with various infra as code frameworks (e.g. Terraform)
  • Worked with multiple different cloud environments (e.g. AWS, Azure)
  • Comfortable debugging code in multiple languages (e.g. nodejs, go, python)
  • Some existing understanding of Web3 - curiosity to learn is enough
  • A knack for quickly learning new problem areas, weighing tradeoffs, and recommending a path forward

The Team

We are a lean, voraciously curious team from across the globe. We have 4 years of expert remote work experience and frequent (and awesome) team retreats to spend time together. We are impact-driven, intentional about our role, communications and actions, and intensely focused on building quality tools for our open source community. We believe a better model for managing identity and data online can give power back to users and builders, that this model is key to a growing movement, and that our team is a critical part of making that movement successful.

We pay competitively and fairly across the globe, offer great and flexible benefits, and view everyone on our team as an owner -- both with generous equity grants and lots of agency to help set our direction.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply.

3Box Labs

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